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Mr.Irakli Sokhadze is launching a unique initiative. He was one of those who first started utilization of a hot water ore as a source of thermo energy for settlement of a vegetable greenhouse.
Mr. Sokhadze shared with us his ideas and action plans in the beginning of September 2010 and received approval for the disbursement of the loan of USD 27 000 for 5 month grace period within the shortest period of time that enabled him to quickly start implementing his business project.
We are proud to say that we actively participate in implementation of the mentioned business initiative which will employ 30 persons and supply the market with vegetables cultivated in Georgia.
Mr. Avtandil Tevzadze is one of those distinguished persons who runs his business in academic and fundamental way. Mr. Tevzadze personally gets familiar with the literature on fishing and animal husbandry, tackles various related nuances and uses the accumulated knowledge in business development. The mini plant for fish products serves as a vivid example of his personal effort (in particular, intellectual one) which processes herbal crops grown on his own ground thus producing ecologically clean fish products enriching his own fishing industry.
Mr. Tevzadze has possessed fishing business in Kakheti region since 1997. Since 2008 he has became involved in animal husbandry and handles it successfully. In both sectors he employs 20 persons.
We are also proud of the fact that Mr. Tevzadze is currently using our facilities.
Mr. David Eliava has been leading a farm of pigs successfully together with his wife since 2002 . As a result of his hard work, Mr. Eliava managed not only to maintain his business but also expand it gradually.
Recently we have approved Mr. Eliava's credit application in the amount of GEL 7000 for purchasing additional number of pigs.
It is our pleasure to cooperate with Mr. Eliava.
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